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Jessamine Quilt Shop offers a growing selection of fabrics and yarns for makers in the Lexington area. With a professional long armer, embroidery, binding, and decades of combined experience on site, we’re a one-stop-shop. We offer regular classes, special events, and a weekly Stitch Day Camp–Wednesdays 10am-5pm for folks who just want to come in and quilt on their own machines in our bright and spacious classroom.

Our Story


Jessamine Quilt Shop grows naturally out of the connections woven between people and the fibers they use to create beautiful and useful things to support community.  Jessamine is for gathering of seasoned hands and green newcomers; a meeting place for those who join in practicing sewing, quilting, knitting, and finding new techniques or methods.  Those first taught by Momma mingle with those taught on YouTube, sewists and stitchers of all sorts come together to enjoy the best of beautiful, high-quality, & eco-conscious fiber ingredients.

The owner made her first quilt when she was sixteen, after mending the 19th century quilt made by long gone Tennessee relatives.  Having hand sewn and machine sewn since she was seven years old, Jann tried all sorts of needlecraft in the years between making doll clothes on the floor of her mother’s sewing room and finishing her career as seminary professor of theological reflection and engaged Christianity.  She is fascinated by the way that the hands and the heart engage and connect over fibers spun with the history and stories of their makers.


Together with magnificently talented friends in Lexington, far off mentors, and her knitter-daughter Lara, Jann pieced together the Jessamine concept in the summer of 2018.  Jessamine Quilt Shop seeks to inspire, gather, equip, and empower an inclusive community of established and exploring fiber artists with the best quality materials and the friendliest and most productive classes in quilting, knitting, and needlecraft.


We named our shop after the state flower, which we all share.  Jessamine vines have festooned trees and shrubs along Carolina trails and roads since the earliest inhabitants walked along our rivers and creeks in the backcountry and beyond. Nestled along Old Cherokee Road, a two story white house serves as our Lexington home for quilting and fibre artists who gather and create and, in the spring, share inspiration among the sunny yellow cascades of the elegant, slender-leafed vines.  with its inclusive tenacity, aspiring tendrils, trumpeting blossoms, and aromatic fragrance.